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Digital is dead. Long live digital!

For many years now people have been talking about digital. Which seems a silly thing to say really, of course they have, it's everywhere. But for some reason, people still feel the need to talk about how they 'do digital'. It seems a bit of a pointless statement: if you don't 'do digital' you pretty much don't 'do' at all.

So why are people still talking about it? Partly because they think it makes them look cutting edge and innovative. Personally, I think saying you 'do digital' does the exact opposite - it makes you sound like you're desperately trying to catch up.

As an agency, of course we've changed along with technology. We've learned, we've experimented, and we've paved the way. We have a different mix of people and skills these days compared to even just a couple of years back. People with expertise and experience you would never find in a classic ad agency, but fundamental to our lifeblood in the post-digital era. I say post-digital as I believe that's where we are - it's way beyond being the new thing, or something to aspire to. It just is.

We have new people, new roles and new possibilities that everyone is a part of, but no one has 'digital' in their job title. An idea is no longer a concept expressed as an ad on a page, it's a concept that lives anywhere and everywhere, often by working with people in their everyday world rather than exposing them to a message. How we reach people and how we interact with them has fundamentally changed - meaning more than ever that every interaction counts. We have to make it work even harder amongst the clutter to make a difference.

So, that's what we do. We explore all angles, we get to know what makes people tick, and the technology we can use or create to interact with them in the most engaging way. That has to be the way we are in the present, and we can only be excited by what we will need to be in the future.

16th November 2016