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Investing in our People

As a small, boutique agency we can and do invest heavily in our team, who produce amazing results for our clients.

As a smaller, boutique agency, we can perhaps provide our clients with a more dedicated, purer offering than some of the larger agencies. In times of economic uncertainty, it is important to take opportunities as soon as they arise, and our agility helps us to move faster than the competition.

We are a close-knit team comprised of people who really know one another, and who can make a bigger difference, for a lower investment.

As a result, we are able to invest heavily in our team; a balance of young, ambitious talent, and credible experience. A group of people who, when it counts, pull together.

Last weekend the team went to Palma, Majorca where we held a workshop and meeting to discuss company strategy and how to work together even more effectively and efficiently. Much of the meeting focused on the five behaviours of a successful team:

1. Trust one another

2. Engage in positive conflict around ideas

3. Commit to decisions

4. Hold one another accountable

5. Focus on achieving collective results

As well as having dedicated time to discuss how we work together, the trip also gave us time to celebrate the successes of the year so far.

Author: Jess Baldock

16th May 2019



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