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Serviceplan Health & Life

We are your creative global lead agency, your Pan-European hub and your worldwide network.

We are Germany’s Number 1 creative healthcare agency. Our job is applying this creativity to generate demonstrable added value for our clients, providing highly innovative solutions to their specific challenges.
Serviceplan Health & Life is your multi-channel-agency for pharmaceutical, OTC and healthcare in the consumer product market. For over 15 years, our ideas have been helping brands and companies to both successfully establish themselves in new markets as well as to enhance sustainability or create additional growth in their existing markets. Serviceplan Health & Life clients benefit from our strategic and creative experience and expertise in many different therapeutic and healthcare areas. We transform relevant aspects of health and medical research and science into B2B (HCP, Payers, etc.), patient and consumer marketing and communication concepts and solutions.

"Building best brands" in Healthcare Communication
This means building and coaching profitable healthcare brands that sustainably contribute to a healthy society. We believe that a brand has to be trustworthy and relevant in order to qualify as a “best brand” in people’s lives. Demands on communication practices have increased dramatically - we meet these challenges by uniting medical, medial and creative communication expertise. Creativity is our strength and our core value. For our clients we conquer this dynamic environment with innovative communicative practice and utilize our creativity to achieve measurable results with great efficiency.
Serviceplan Health & Life is partner of Indigenus, the largest global network of independent healthwellness communication companies.

Areas of Expertise

All your experts under one roof  

The health sector has grown more complex and challenging over the years – this makes it all the more important to build upon a strong team of experts. Serviceplan Health & Life is part of the Serviceplan Group that consolidates all relevant communication services under one roof. Direct access to this pool of specialists enables us to meet any challenge a health care agency could face.  

Brand Consulting Brand: Workshops, brand positioning and management, consulting on medical science issues, communication strategies and concepts, launch and relaunch strategies and concepts, 360°-channel planning

Brand design: Naming, logos, corporate design, packaging, medical design

Advertising campaigns: Key visuals, adverts (trade and public), promotional material (sales folders, flyers, brochures, etc.), TV commercials, radio, poster, placement of ads in the media

Media: National and international market and competitor analysis, joint strategy-mix of creativity, economic efficiency, multi-channel planning, implementation of flexible stuffer mailers, expertise in the development of ad specials, TV strategy and media planning, purchasing (TV, print, online etc.) at outstanding conditions, controlling, invoice control and return management, ex-post evaluation as basis for decision making for future measures   

Digital Marketing: Online campaigns, website creation and management, web content creation and management, iPad and mobile applications, iSales measures, SEO, CRM-Marketing and eDialog-Marketing

POS: Pharmacy promotions, sales material, PoS material, promotional material, literature and brochures, sales materials for pharmacy sales staff

Medical writing: Abstracts, conference reports/follow-up, product monographs, sales folders/prescription brochures/flyers, etc., patient magazines/ brochures, scientific visualisations, scientific broadcasts, literature folders, cases historie, literature portfolios, casuistries

Medical education: Certified training events, motivational trailer for field sales force and training events, training manuals, eDetailing, synopsis of scientific primary literature (reviews), casuistries, vocational training, creative training concepts, training presentation 


It’s all in the mix

Our approach is 360 degrees – our standards are grounded in a foundation of strategic thinking from our team of planners and scientific insight from our medical team, resulting in path breaking creativity. To meet the challenge of a broad spectrum of RX, MedTech, OTC and Consumer Care we apply a comprehensive skill set to build best brands in any sector.

RX/DTC: Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene, Novartis, Grünenthal, Vifor, Fresenius, Bayer Schering, UCB

OTC: Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr. Fischer, Hermes Arzneimittel, HEXAL, MEDA Pharma, Krewel Meuselbach, Orthomol, Pfizer, Sandoz, URSAPHARM

Consumer Care: Bad Heilbrunner, HIPP, Merz Consumer Care

Retail: Guten Tag Apotheken, Pharmatechnik, Sanacorp, VSA

Body Care & Beauty: Louis Widmer, Merz Consumer Care

Medical Technology: Carefusion, KaVo, Sivantos GmbH (formerly Siemens)

Nonprofit Organisations: Bundesverband Kinderhospiz, Deutscher Asthma Bund, Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation, Münchner Tafel, SOS Kinderdorf, Stiftung Kindergesundheit

Nutrition: Naturwohl, Nutricia, Nestle Nutrition       


Awards in 2015

  • Cannes Lions 2015: Silver for "Life Time Clock"
  • Health Lions 2015:   Bronze for "Life Time Clock"
  • Radio Advertising Award 2015: Gold for "Audio Coffee"
  • Comprix 2015: Gold for Yokebe
  • Comprix 2015: Gold for "Life Time Clock"
  • Comprix 2015: Gold for "Trockennasenaffen"
  • Comprix 2015: Gold for "Infographics"
  • New York Festivals 2015: Bronze for "Life Time Clock"
  • D&AD Award 2015: Wooden Pencil for "Life Time Clock"
  • Deutscher Mediapreis 2015: Gold for "Life Time Clock"
  • New York Festivals - AME Awards 2015: Silver for "Life Time Clock"
  • RX Club New York 2015: Silver for "Life Time Clock"


“I want to thank all of you for your participation in the creative workshop, your input, your discussion and your feedback. We spent 2 intense days together, where we worked as one team on one mission. This alone creates value as it has united us further and empowers us to achieve even more.”

"I love this campaign"

“Customer-oriented, goal-oriented, good creative solutions, very good exchange, ideas will be implemented immediately, very friendly and competent staff”

”High level of professionalism and deep knowledge and expertise, both in technical as well as in understanding of our brand and peculiarities“


The network of the best healthcare agencies around the world

Serviceplan Health & Life is member and partner of Indigenus, the first and only independent global network of local creative healthcare advertising agencies. The members of Indigenus are the best healthcare communication specialists in their respective market.

The network
Indigenus is the largest global network of independent healthwellness communication companies, providing multichannel, multi-stakeholder services to global and local worldwide. More than a collection of companies dotting the map, Indigenus delivers proven collaboration across international boundaries, resulting in 100% global solutions. With 16 top-ranking communication companies in all major and emerging markets and cost-efficient global transcreation centers, the Indigenus model flexes to fit any challenge.

Our mission
With Indigenus as your global network, nothing is an obstacle. Everything is an opportunity. We are movers, not spectators, dedicated to helping our clients "get unstuck". Our unique multilocal model drives growth across your portfolio of brands at every level, delivering creativity and innovation to drive the top line and value to improve the bottom line. Locally and globally, Indigenus builds brands and relationships that move the business needle and move customers to action.

Our clients
Indigenus serves more than 100 healthwellness companies, including BMS, Boehringer Ingelheim, Celgene, Novartis, UCB, and Vertex. Our network has helped launch or is launching these brands across multiple markets: Abraxane, Cimzia, Eliquis, Elotuzumab, Extavia, Gilenya, Intelence, Lonsurf, Lonquex, Spiriva, Toctino, Votrient, VX-809, and Xeomin.

Our customers
Indigenus communicates across channels and customers types with equal precision, skill, and enthusiasm, and can help you engage with HCPs, care-givers, consumers/patients, and payers.  

Our services
We have the full range of service offerings you would expect from a modern global network. For secondary markets, mature brands, and local adaptions, we have set up global transcreation centers that are able to derive full value from lean budgets.
  • Creative Services
  • Brand Management
  • Digital, Mobile and Multimedia
  • Social Media
  • Multichannel Strategy
  • Global Transcreation Centers
  • Account Planning & Research
  • Medical Strategy & Content
  • Access & Payer Strategy
  • Analytics & Operations
  • Medical Education & Training
  • Managed Markets
  • Public Relations
  • Media Planning

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