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Open Up Their World: Leo Psoriasis - GP Education Campaign

1st March 2018


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VCCP Health

+44 7595 003744

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Greencoat House
Francis Street
United Kingdom

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Open Up Their World: Leo Psoriasis - GP Education Campaign

VCCP Health
Active Life Ahead: MSD, Simponi - Brand Campaign

VCCP Health
The World At Their Feet: Teva, COPAXONE - Brand Revitalisation

VCCP Health
VCCP Lands Record Haul at the PM Awards
VCCP Health won a record-breaking 10 Golds at the PM Society Awards for their work with Teva and LEO Pharma.
VCCP Health
VCCP Health Appoints New Creative Team
VCCP Health has announced the appointment of a new creative team: Sadie Mayes (Art Director) and Tess Evans (Creative Copywriter). Having worked at agencies including Havas and ICC over the past 6 years, Sadie and Tess have successfully delivered award-winning digital healthcare campaigns. Not only do they bring experience working on Rx accounts such as the immunology biosimilar portfolio for Novartis, but passion and expertise for animal health, disease awareness and charity work.
VCCP Health
Blog: 5 ingredients: Multichannel marketing, simplified
A number of years ago, I sat down for my first lecture within the advertising and public relations degree programme – Principles of Communication. I remember looking at a model that outlined the fundamental process and thinking to myself, ‘well that’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?’ But hardly a week goes by that I’m not asked by a client to help them develop a multichannel strategy for their brand. The funny thing though, is that no matter how I break it down, the problem is always the same: how do we communicate a message? So, in honour of the New Year, here’s a lean look at 5 principles of multichannel marketing – trimmed down to the basics with no added BS.
VCCP Health