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Top 5 things I learned at last week's PM Society seminar on agency/procurement relationships

  1. Procurement professionals can help agencies grow and often are very active in doing so.
  2. 'The most for the least' is an old school approach - value and differentiation are key for the future.
  3. Strategic procurement professionals are quite different to transactional procurement professionals - agencies need to know who we are dealing with and what matters to them.
  4. Agencies should have the confidence to call out ISBA members who do not uphold the ISBA/IPA best practice guide.
  5. There is a paradox where Agency financial stability is important to all client companies; yet some of those same client companies do not follow government guidelines on prompt payment, requiring agencies to waive their legal rights to 60 day payment. 

By Sarah Sowerby, Wordbird Founder 

5th May 2017