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Wordbird is delighted to have won a bronze PM Award and be shortlisted for two awards in the forthcoming OTC Awards

Wordbird was delighted to win at the PM Awards in the fiercely competitive Patient Support category. The 'Glaucoma in perspective’ programme, which contains two apps and a raft of other materials, was created to help ophthalmologists educate patients so that they understand:

•          Why they need to treat an asymptomatic condition
•          With a treatment that has no perceptible benefits

When consultation time is limited, glaucoma is not easy to explain and existing information is often scary, complex or inaccurate. A key innovative feature of this programme is an interactive demonstrator that lets patients ‘see’ how glaucoma subtly affects vision in a way that usually isn’t noticeable – until it’s too late. Although simple for patients, the demonstrator uses an advanced code-base developed by computer scientists at City University’s Crabb Lab. Patients and their relatives can play with different scenarios to get an idea of how glaucoma might be affecting them – and what could happen later on. This innovation is important because patients are more likely to adhere to glaucoma medication if they understand the disease and the rationale for treatment. The apps are now launched in five countries, with more launches planned.

Wordbird has also been shortlisted in two categories of the OTC Awards for pharmacist training and promotional work on the switch of ellaOne, the most effective morning after pill. 

Sarah Sowerby, Wordbird Founder commented:
“Having worked with HRA Pharma in Paris on the core EU switch since 2013, it has been fantastic to see the campaign through to implementation in the UK with the marvellous UK team. Seeing our work in Boots and other pharmacies helping women at an incredibly stressful time, is really gratifying. Making a difference to real people’s lives with projects like 'Glaucoma in perspective’ and the ellaOne switch is what gets us out of bed every morning. We are indebted to our clients who have given us the privilege of working on such incredible projects."

8th February 2016