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Apex and Lumentium bring a new experience to the UK event market

Specialist pharma conference and event management company Apex has signed an exclusive deal to become the sole representative of Lumentium in the UK.

Specialist conference and event management company Apex has signed an exclusive deal to become the sole representative of Lumentium in the UK.

Lumentium, which is based in Madrid, is a world-leading pioneer in the development of video mapping services for corporate dinners, weddings and other high-profile events. Lumentium is also the creator of the patented ‘TableMapper’ lamp-projector, the only portable table mapping format on the market. The company has developed an elite gourmet experience which combines this technology with haute cuisine to allow food and virtual environments to be enjoyed in total sync.

​Through this deal, Apex - which is one of the UK's leading event and exhibition agencies – will use Lumentium technology to bring this unique experience to customers based in the UK, and across the globe. Apex will offer the service under the Lumentium brand name. Commenting on the partnership between the two companies, Apex Event Director Paul Ashford said: “At Apex, we’ve long understood the power of experience. We also know that to stand out from the crowd, you must find ways to construct compelling, multi-sensory events that evoke genuine emotions from your attendees. Video mapping achieves these objectives. So, when we saw what Lumentium was doing, we knew that this was something we wanted to offer our clients.

“Video mapping technology manipulates light to turn surfaces into undersea worlds, casino tables, space exploration and journeys across continents. The images can be simple effects or elaborate projections. Ultimately, by ‘painting with light’, video mapping uses visual stimulation to create stunning and highly engaging events.

“But it’s not just about tech. By integrating Lumentium table mapping equipment into banqueting styled occasions, Apex will be able to create captivating virtual environments in which diners can enjoy a truly original gastronomic experience.

“Lumentium brings something extraordinary to the global event space, and we are all very excited to have signed this exclusive deal.”

Services included in Apex’s Lumentium package include venue finding, catering, agenda setting, AV and production, and stage management. Having worked in the event industry for over 30 years, the Apex event team will use all its skills to bring everything together flawlessly.

Victor Cid Branger, Director of Lumentium visited Apex HQ in Macclesfield on 11th April, accompanied by David Pereda, Head of Sales to sign the contract.

Branger said: “While Lumentium has offices in Madrid and Barcelona, we are keen to bring the experience to audiences on an international scale. And, because of Apex’s global reach, this partnership helps us to do this.

“But it’s about more than just logistics. Lumentium offers something truly world-class, so it was essential that any partner not only understood what we are trying to achieve for our clients, but that they were as excited and passionate about creating exceptional events as we are.

“We have spent as much time getting to know Apex as they have us, and we are confident that we have found the very best partner. We are excited to see what this collaboration will do for the Lumentium brand, and are delighted that we can bring it to a brand new audience.”

To allow customers to experience this exceptional technology first-hand, Apex is creating a Lumentium UK showroom. Customers who want to find out more about Lumentium can book a live demonstration at

1st May 2019



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