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Courageous Conversations ep.8: 10 Tips to Create Company Culture in a Virtual World

28th May 2020



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Impetus Digital

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Impetus Digital
WaterPark Place
20 Bay Street, 11th Floor
M5J 2N8

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Live Webinar: The update of digital technologies in healthcare
Registration is Open for Fireside Chat with Anand Iyer, Chief Strategy Officer at Welldoc
Impetus Digital
Live Webinar: Accelerating the Digital Health Economy through Innovation
Register Now: Fireside Chat with TECHNATION Health
Impetus Digital
Top 10 Tips for Optimizing Asynchronous Virtual Meetings
Natalie Yeadon shares her expertise on how you can make the most out of your asynchronous virtual meetings and ask effective questions virtually.
Impetus Digital
Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with Ryan Wiley, President of Shift Health
In the latest episode of Impetus Digital's Fireside Chat series, I talk to Ryan Wiley, President of Shift Health. Among many other things, Ryan and I discuss healthcare's journey towards digitalization and the ramifications COVID-19 has had in many of these areas. We also talk about Ryan's shift from academia to consulting and the lessons learned along the way. Further, we explore key topics from Ryan's recent talk with Life Sciences Ontario, such as how COVID-19 is setting the stage for a future-proofed data ecosystem and the impact this will have on science, innovation, and clinical research.
Impetus Digital
Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with Tom Hsu, VP, Specialty Medicine at Bayer Canada
In this episode of Impetus Digital's Fireside Chat series, I sit down with Tom Hsu. Tom is the VP of Specialty Medicine at Bayer Canada, where he oversees the Specialty Medicine Portfolio, which contributes over 50% of the revenue and most of the growth for Bayer Canada. Tom has always had a special interest in the well-being of people and the business of healthcare. Prior to his current role, he worked in diverse roles in medical affairs, marketing, sales, and strategy. Among many other things, we talk about how Tom got to where he is today and his experience working for Bayer in China and how that compares to the work he is doing now in Canada. We also discuss the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as his views on disruptive digital technologies in healthcare.
Impetus Digital
Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with MindSet
Join Natalie Yeadon, Co-Owner and Managing Director at Impetus Digital, as she sits down with Ryan Zarychanski, Paul Komenda, and Marshall Pitz from MindSet. Mindset is an innovative platform that integrates province-wide clinical health data into a single platform, with the goal of enhancing real-time access to data for healthcare providers, and thereby improve the efficiency of the healthcare system and the outcomes for patients who use it. We discuss a whole range of thought-provoking topics, including the barriers to and benefits of clinical data integration for the healthcare system, clinical trials, providers, and patients; issues around data privacy and ownership; and their hopes for the “new normal” post-COVID-19.
Impetus Digital