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Madmicrobe Studios - Medical Animation

'Where Science Meets Cinema'

Our award-winning team of certified medical illustrators create animations that will draw your audience into a world of suspense, excitement, and wonder. Nasal cavities become cathedral-like spaces. Blood cells pulse through vessels to the beat of a soundtrack. Our ethos is to bring a filmmaker’s aesthetic to accurate medical scenarios, and offer immersive storytelling that engages your audience.

MadMicrobe creates content for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries both directly and through specialist medical comms agencies. World-leading brands come to our medical animation studio to: help educate healthcare professionals; raise brand awareness; design digital assets for sales reps, conferences, and investor meetings; create media kits and social campaigns; and much more. We know hitting deadlines is crucial in these sectors and we pride ourselves on keeping to schedules and navigating regulations and compliance rules.

Areas of Expertise



Commission a dynamic feature-film-quality 3D medical animation, motion design, and video. With our team of seasoned creative and medical experts, we bring drama and engagement to scientifically accurate content.


VR technology allows your audience to explore cellular landscapes, manipulate molecules, or conduct a medical procedure. Whether your goal is to educate patients and health care professionals or make a big splash at your booth, we can recommend options that will work best for your needs and your budget.


Our animations can be an exciting and effective solution for visualizing surgical procedures, showcasing innovative medical devices and drug delivery systems, or revealing the inner workings of complex scientific instruments.


As your KOLs deliver their keynotes to a full house, larger-than-life stage graphics can support and enhance messaging and aid audience engagement. From dazzling show openers to holographic stage visuals accompanying your presentations, MadMicrobe can offer the perfect solution.


Your script is the foundation for a successful life science animation. Yes, it needs to communicate the intricate mechanisms of a disease state and the function of the therapeutic process – but the story also needs to be engaging. Our medical writers will work with your team to develop your scientific story into a compelling script, ensuring all required key messaging is captured and properly referenced for legal review.



We are seasoned experts with over 20 years of experience working exclusively in medical animation. Our skills as certified medical illustrators are complemented by an understanding of how to communicate with clients in your industry, in terms of briefs, budgets, deadlines, and important regulatory considerations. It’s this combination of specialist animation skills and good communication that leads to successful projects – and clients come to us again and again.


MadMicrobe has forged a place of distinction among the leaders in the industry of life science visualization and has won many awards, including several Muse Creative Awards and an Emmy Award. As an industry-leading medical animation company, we beat the competition by seeing ourselves, first and foremost, as filmmakers and cinematographers. We strongly believe our role is to go beyond ‘replicating’ a medical process or phenomena, by bringing clarity, excitement, and immersive content to the table. This is a guaranteed route to transporting audiences and keeping them engaged in your story.


All projects include extensive R&D to ensure accurate visual representations of physiological systems, cellular processes, and molecular structures. We consult and work with our scientific director, as well as PhD-qualified medical illustrators and medical professionals to accurately communicate messaging. We have experience animating a wide range of MODs, MOAs, and device animations.


Through our many years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned how to carefully manage time and costs so that our clients will always receive the best results while still satisfying any budget. We understand that there are multiple ways to save – for example, by using efficient and creative production techniques or repurposing assets across multiple platforms. Our goal is that our medical animation company will always offer competitive pricing within the market.


McCann Health, Havas, Synergy Vision, FCB Health, Link9, Area23, Roche, AstraZeneca

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‘Our goal is to take your audience on a cinematic journey, bringing the camera into the body to reveal hidden worlds they will never forget. Our passion for this immersive and dramatic medical filmmaking is what motivates us – and it’s your route to capturing your audience’s attention and imagination.’

Joel Durbin, Creative Director, MadMicrobe