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The new pharma marketing playbook

Do you know about the 5 key areas that must be in your pharma marketing playbook?
The term ‘playbook’ was originally a sporting term, meaning various strategies for the team that, when employed, would hopefully result in a win. These days, it’s often used to define an organisation’s approach to something, for example, social media or digital marketing. 
With a number of new approaches and strategies being adopted by pharma sales and marketing teams over the last few years it’s important for pharma companies to create marketing playbooks. An effective playbook will help ensure different teams are on the same page by defining the strategic imperatives, outlining their purpose and the interplay between them. 
A pharma marketing playbook for today’s marketplace should contain the following areas:

1. Customer and Patient Centricity

It’s clear that putting customers, and ultimately patients, at the heart of business strategies is becoming a business imperative. Customer journey mapping is being adopted to uncover insights about behaviour, attitudes, needs and pain points, and it’s a powerful technique to identify the opportunities to enhance HCP and patient experiences.

2. Compelling Value Propositions

One effective way of enhancing customer experiences is to define brand value propositions. Compelling value propositions are helping pharma companies move from being product-focussed to brand-focussed, which is critical with the growth in generic drugs and patients becoming increasingly more informed.

3. Account Based Marketing and Key Account Management

With finite time and budget available, it has become more important than ever to identify the target and key accounts which are most likely to contribute to business performance. Both Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Key Account Management (KAM) are proving to be effective approaches which also unite sales and marketing teams.

4. Multi-channel Marketing

A great pharma multi-channel marketing strategy, informed by clear customer journeys and compelling value propositions, sets the foundation for actionable and measurable multi-channel marketing plans. Below is a useful checklist of some of the things to consider when developing your multi-channel marketing strategy and plans.
* Define a paid, owned and earned media ecosystem
* Ensure mobile is being adopted appropriately
* Use data for insights, measurement, re-targeting and content ideas
* Be aware that all media is going programmatic 
* Move from campaign bursts to always-on activity 
* Consider KOLs in all shapes and sizes

5. Digital, Social and Content

The growth of digital, social and content is forcing pharma businesses to become digitally mature across all commercial teams, while evolving attitudes and behaviours of both HCPs and patients is demanding the constant review of tactics and approaches being deployed, for example:
* Stop telling, start showing
* Use the power of storytelling 
* Social media is now a pay-per-play platform
* Unlock advocacy in creative ways
* AR, VR, AI and chatbots offer exciting opportunities
* Voice search will change everything, again 
So, if you haven’t done so already now’s the time to put your pharma marketing playbook together to ensure the whole team knows the game plan.

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23rd June 2017



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