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Changing behaviour - appealing to the rational and emotional mind

Elisa Del Galdo, Head of Customer Experience here at Blue Latitude, talks about how to understand what motivates your customer and influence their behaviour, prompting a change in behaviour which results in better outcomes for their care, well-being and treatment.


Elisa Del Galdo, Head of Customer Experience here at Blue Latitude,  talks about how to understand what motivates your customer and influence their behaviour, prompting a change in behaviour which results in better outcomes for their care, well-being and treatment. 

So, you have a rational and an emotional mind and you need both to make decisions. So, this is really about how so we make decisions about things that we want to do?

We talk about the rational mind being elephant rider. Quite small, fairly insignificant, but the rational mind, and the elephant is the emotional mind and that elephant and the rider are going down a path and they have a momentum down that path. So, that path is the habit. Those are the things that I do over and over again.

The little rider on the top, very rationally thinks, “Well, maybe we should change our path because it’s shorter. So, we should go a different way.” Unfortunately, the emotional elephant isn’t so keen because there’s nothing about that path that’s attractive to them: “Why should I change? Why should I move? I like the path I’m on. I know how it goes.

Now if I want to appeal to the emotional mind and the emotional elephant and I tell them, “Yes, but if we go this other way, there’s really good fruit trees.” So, now the elephant’s interested and they’re off, because I’ve actually appealed to the emotional side of what matters to them.

They’re on their emotional path, change the path, we've got the rider and the elephant all together and then what we’re also looking to do is kind of maintain that path.

In order to get that kind of success and change that behaviour and make people make; influence people to make decisions in the right direction, you need to appeal to both the rational and the emotional.. Just the rational is not good enough.

There’s some things you need to remember when you’re designing around changing behaviour. That change is a process.

Change can take a very long time. Most people who talk about changing behaviour talk about a six-month journey to change behaviour. So, it’s little steps over a long time.


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12th June 2014



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