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Deploying clinical experience and insight to gain maximum impact

Introducing the Porterhouse Medical Advisory Group (MAG)

In the rapidly evolving world of med comms, there is an increasing need to understand new scientific and therapeutic content quickly and comprehensively in order to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. At Porterhouse Medical, with an ever-expanding team of scientific experts, including PhD-level medical writers, this is a given. However, we also recognise the value of having an intimate understanding of client challenges from a clinical perspective. With a team of in-house doctors, with expertise ranging from histopathology to general practice, there comes an innate understanding of what healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients are looking for in new therapies (over a multiplicity of disease areas) and how best to leave a lasting impact on prospective prescribers. We have focused this resource to offer a specialist experience to internal colleagues and clients, and are delighted to introduce our Medical Advisory Group (MAG).

At Porterhouse Medical, we understand the value of years of close collaboration with prescribing colleagues and the many hours spent dealing with multiple patient types. Knowing what makes both HCP colleagues and patients ‘tick’ from an insider’s perspective is key. Additionally, the ability to distil the most salient facts from vast quantities of scientific and clinical information is standard practice for us; however, the ability to translate this into language that resonates with HCPs and patients is a particular skill that our MAG members possess to a high degree.

Dr Beth Wynne-Evans, medical advisor at Porterhouse Medical, said, “When I first joined med comms, I saw the real necessity for a clinical perspective in the many different projects we undertake. The potential impact of the materials we produce for clients is far-reaching, with significant benefits for patients through their interactions with HCPs.”

Brian Parsons, joint managing director and co-founder of Porterhouse Medical, commented, “The MAG is an exciting opportunity to take the Porterhouse vision forward. We are committed to the concept of adding value to communications through tailored insights, and the MAG is another outstanding example of this.”

If you would like more information on the Medical Advisory Group and the outstanding scientific solutions delivered by our expert team, please get in touch: , or for our US office contact:

14th May 2019



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