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Sciterion is an award winning specialist healthcare communications consultancy within the Havas Health network of companies. We exist to make a positive contribution to patient care.

Real world experience of patients is at the heart of our programmes; Sciterion are experts at rigorous insight generation and multi-stakeholder co-creation.

Through a deep understanding of health behaviour, we align key stakeholder touchpoints to deliver intelligent, highly impactful and clinically relevant programmes.

Our industry- leading standards of medical and scientific excellence, coupled with robust behavioural knowledge, advances clinical practice and optimises real world patient outcomes.

Sciterion embrace patient-centric healthcare by working in partnership with industry and the healthcare community and support clients in the changing healthcare environment. We value inclusiveness, knowledge and are committed to a culture of collaboration and shared intelligence; which is how what we do contributes to your success.

The innovations of behavioural science promise to reshape the way we think about new treatments in healthcare. But what do these innovations actually mean from the perspectives of someone living with a chronic disease and the healthcare team around them? At Sciterion, we understand the importance of health behaviour and the role it plays in optimising real-world outcomes. Through expert understanding of the perspectives of patients and healthcare providers, our strategically focused, evidence-based programmes are designed to intelligently unlock the real-world effectiveness of treatments.

Sciterion views class-leading medical communications as a broad discipline, bringing together scientific excellence, strategic clinical insight and great delivery, rather than a single channel. The consistent force in this combination is the desire to engage with customers in meaningful ways around the scientific evidence. In medical communications, we believe the science must be valued at the heart of customer interactions, such that engagement is designed around the science.

The growing importance and strategic role of medical communications has driven a trend towards actionable stakeholder insight and two-way dialogue. Having a deep understanding of the science and its implications for patient management enables us to provide a strategic challenge to our clients and engage with opinion leaders in a different way. We see the focus of medical communications as translating science into clinical practice, which is increasingly at the centre of both the thinking and the strategy.

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