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Live from Singapore: Exploring the opportunity for women’s health in emerging markets

Join global healthcare market research consultants Pei Li Teh and Wan Ling Neo for this complimentary webinar in which they will explore the opportunity for women’s health in emerging markets.

Live webinar: Thursday 17th August 2017

15:00 SGT / 15:00 CST / 16:00 JST

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With women accounting for half of the global population, women’s healthcare is an important market for the pharmaceutical industry. When thinking about women’s health, we tend to think about diseases which are linked specifically to female biology. However, it is important to not over-simplify this definition; women’s healthcare also includes diseases which are more prevalent in women and health purchasing behaviour which is more common among females (e.g. aesthetic treatment) all of which present huge opportunities for the pharma industry. Furthermore despite persistent gender wage gaps, women globally earn and own more than ever before and are expected to control nearly 75 percent of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028.              

In emerging markets, the women's health space is also deeply influenced by gender roles and societal attitudes to sex and reproduction. It is extremely dynamic from a global perspective; as such, the opportunity for women’s health varies widely from one country to another. An understanding of this and the associated challenges is fundamental when defining and establishing the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies in this area.

Join global healthcare market research consultants Pei Li Teh and Wan Ling Neo for this complimentary webinar in which they will explore the opportunity for women’s health in emerging markets. 
They will discuss why understanding and improving women’s health in emerging markets can be challenging and how market research can be used to understand behaviours and attitudes to different women’s health issues. Finally they’ll outline what strategies global pharma can develop to support women and overcome these challenges.

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9th August 2017