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Live from Singapore: Understanding patient willingness to pay in emerging markets

Live webinar: Thursday 23rd March 16:00 SGT / 16:00 CST / 17:00 JST
What steps should pharma and medical device companies take to ensure they get their pricing strategy right in self-pay markets? 

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A key feature of emerging markets is that patients often have to self-fund a high proportion of their healthcare costs. While private health insurance coverage is increasing in many emerging markets, penetration typically remains low, even among middle to high income segments of the population. 

This means that for many drugs and devices, the primary means of purchasing in emerging markets will be patients paying out of pocket. Any successful pricing strategy therefore needs to start with an understanding of target patients’ willingness to pay for the drug / device in question. 

Register now for this complimentary webinar in which our emerging markets experts Pei Li Teh and Nicole Bender Moreira will explore the key features of self-pay markets and outline the critical success factors that should be considered in order to determine how pharmaceutical, consumer health products and medical devices should be priced. 

What topics will we cover? 

Setting the context 
We will explore the key features of self-pay emerging markets and outline the importance of understanding the patient as a payer. 

Methodological solutions 
We will examine the best approaches and techniques to adopt in order to model patient willingness to pay as realistically as possible. 

Special considerations 
We will leverage a selection of case studies to outline the critical success factors for pricing different types of medical products, including drugs, devices, vaccines and consumer OTC healthcare and nutraceutical brands 

Q&A session 
Following the presentation there will be a live Q&A. Alternatively you can submit any questions you may have when you register.

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17th March 2017



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