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Webcast: Biosimilars: Friend or Foe to Healthcare?

Understanding the opportunities for biosimilars and the threats to innovator biologics
Referencing recent findings from our Therapy Watch syndicated study in RA, this webcast investigates physicians' perceptions of the biosimilars market. Therapy Watch Director Allison Fleetwood and Access Partnership Director Shrinivas Rao Mukku interview a major US payer, who offers expert opinion on the opportunities for biosimilars in the US market, the possible threats to originator brands, and consider what companies entering the market need to do to effectively launch their follow-on biologic.

Furthermore, this webcast looks into how the launch of mAb biosimilars in Europe may impact on healthcare strategies in the US, and how to overcome the challenges biosimilars face if they are to achieve sufficient uptake.

What you will learn:
  • Better understand physician awareness and familiarity with biosimilars and the potential barriers to uptake 
  • Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of biosimilars and the impact they may have on the treatment landscape from the payer perspective 
  • Gain greater insight into what companies entering the market need to do to effectively launch their follow-on biologic
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31st March 2015



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