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Webinar: Demand assessment - Reflecting real world choices

How study design which reflects doctors’ real world choices can optimise results.
There is no “one size fits all” approach to conducting demand assessments.

The best studies utilise a methodology which is appropriate to the product in development, the market in which it will launch, and which gives the respondent the most realistic experience. 

In this webinar quantitative experts Duncan Munro and Will Tolley demonstrate, utilising knowledge and experience garnered from Research Partnership's 18 years of conducting global quantitative research studies for pharma, how study design which reflects doctors’ real world choices can optimise results. 

Effective methodology
We discuss how to select the most appropriate approach in order to ensure an effective demand assessment methodology is achieved

Framing the question
We examine how best to frame a question in order to gain maximum insight and to make the task more realistic for respondents

Case study examples
Using real life case study examples, we demonstrate a number of key challenges and explore the ways in which researchers can overcome these issues in order to better reflect real world choices

Answer your demand assessment questions

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9th October 2015



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