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Webinar: Observational Research

Presenting a window on the world of your customer
Healthcare customers are changing. Marketers now need to understand the needs of many stakeholders, from patients and carers, to physicians, nurses and payers, amongst others, as well as the many channels of communication they are exposed to and utilise in both their work and home lives.

At Research Partnership we have been exploring the benefits of using Observational Research approaches, where the interviewer is less visible to the respondent, as a means of digging deeper and getting a more real, less 'contaminated' insight into the world of your customers.

In this webinar we will discuss some of the techniques we have been using, from traditional methods drawing on the principles of ethnography, to newer forms of observation using -mobile and digital technologies which allow us to be a distant observer of behaviour.

View this webinar to learn:

- Why observational research? Benefits and applications
- Approaches and techniques using a number of case studies   
- Using mobile research to understand prescribing decisions   
- Getting a truer picture of compliance behaviour   
- Assessing device usability using hand-held video cameras   
- Using ethnographics and accompanied visits to understand emerging markets   
- Simulated Consultations as a means of understanding patient/physicians interaction
- How to effectively apply observational techniques to achieve your objectives

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27th March 2015


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