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Webinar: Uncovering hidden insights into patient compliance

Pharma companies are increasingly looking for ways to provide “beyond the pill" services to support patients with the management of their disease. Adherence tools and programs encourage patients to stay compliant with their treatment regimen. But assessing compliance can be difficult with traditional methods giving biased results. Would the use of digital techniques elicit greater insights?

In this webinar Director Richard Head and Associate Director Nunchi Seco, using findings from our Living with Diabetes Study, will address the age-old challenge of understanding poor compliance by introducing an innovative new methodological approach that seeks to reduce sensitisation bias and deliver a more accurate way of measuring and understanding compliance.

Gain answers to your key questions:
  • Discover how mobile methodologies can enhance traditional market research approaches.
  • Identify how routine plays a key role in compliance with medication and lifestyle changes.
  • Learn about the practical benefits of an improved understanding of patient behaviour.
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31st March 2015



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