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Cello Health Insight

Cello Health Insight is a market research agency specialising in the healthcare sector.  Part of Cello Health, the company has bases in London, Switzerland, New York and Chicago, and operates globally, working in over 50 countries including many emerging markets.  

The agency offers a broad range of techniques, from straightforward qualitative and quantitative research through to more complex ‘bricolage’ multi-stranded approaches.  In addition, Cello Health Insight has developed a range of proprietary offerings that can be adapted and deployed to meet some common research situations, to deliver against frequently encountered objectives.

These offerings include:       
eVillage: an online research community approach from Cello Health Insight that utilises the tools and technology of social media and allows participants (physicians, patients, payors, KOLs etc.) to take part in research in a way that fits in with their lives
Kaleidoscope: a new approach to qualitative research, grounded in humanistic psychology and systems theory
IQ (Intelligent Quantitative): specialist quantitative research which takes long-established knowhow and experience of running engaging, customer-focused qualitative research and applies the same principles to quantitative research
Constellation: a holistic research approach which helps pharmaceutical companies understand the broader impact and the true cost of an illness, enabling them to then demonstrate the true value of their medicines

Other offerings include Market Access customer research, Digital, and Animal Health

Cello Health Insight has a large team (around 120 people) of experienced and energetic researchers.  This extensive pool of creative and academic talent enables the agency to handcraft the content and delivery of projects.  Projects are run in a client-centred way, designed to deliver compelling results of real value to give clients a genuine competitive edge in their markets.

Areas of Expertise

Market Research specialising in healthcare sector, Market Access customer research, Digital, and Animal Health

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