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CMR awarded BSI 9001:2015

Creative Medical Research has been awarded the internationally recognised Quality Management System standard, 9001:2005

Following a year of hard work and a two stage formal assessment process, CMR's Operation Manager, Luci Talbot Clarke and Director of Participant Recruitment Hayley Algar's dedication delivered a fantastic ending to the company's 2018 with achieving this world renowned accreditation from BSI.

The certification is a means to help the company continually monitor and manage quality across the business whilst identifying areas for improvement.

BSI states that holding the certification can:

  • continually improve, streamline operations and reduce costs
  • be more resilient and build a sustainable business
  • increase competitive edge
  • reduce likelihood of mistakes
  • increase business efficiency and enhance performance

Seeking the certification allows CMR to demonstrate the quality of what the company does and ensure the team continues to deliver best practice throughout the agency.

Moving in to 2019, CMR is taking the opportunity to celebrate a great achievement and ensure that as a trusted supplier to many of the top medical device manufacturers that the company is committed to delivering quality products and services.


29th January 2019



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CMR awarded BSI 9001:2015
Creative Medical Research has been awarded the internationally recognised Quality Management System standard, 9001:2005
Creative Medical Research
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