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CMR to feature in new healthcare documentary

How can innovative market research help medical device manufacturers create better health outcomes for patients? That's the topic of a new documentary due to air on Sky digital channel 189 on 30th October.

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with B2B broadcaster, Executive TV, to produce a new documentary on patient-centricity in healthcare.

CMR will feature in a 30-minute broadcast titled Innovation in Healthcare: Medical Research. The programme will air on Sunday 30th October at 10:30am on Sky digital channel 189 and features contributions from Customer Faithful and Prescient Healthcare Group alongside CMR.

In the documentary, George Ashford, CEO for Creative Medical Research, will explain how new approaches in market research can benefit medical device manufacturers.

“Patient centricity is increasingly important in the development of new medical devices. Manufacturers need to understand how patients interact with medical devices, but making sense of the patient voice can be a challenge.”
Getting closer to patients' needs

The documentary, which also features discussion by CMR Research Director, Alper Hulusi, explains how innovations in ethnography – the practice of observing patients in their real-world setting – can increase understanding of the impact medical devices have on therapy adherence and overall lifestyle.
As a result, medical research in healthcare  can provide valuable insights that change the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.

“Ultimately, market research can open the lines of communication with patients and provide quality reporting outputs for manufacturers. This valuable information informs product development, pricing models and marketing communications which in turn creates better outcomes for patients and HCPs.” George Ashford, CMR.

To watch the broadcast, tune into Sky digital channel 189 (Propeller TV) on Sunday 30th October at 10:30 GMT. The programme will also be repeated on Sunday 27th November at 10:30 GMT on the same channel.If you would prefer to watch in your own time, Innovation in Healthcare: Medical Research will be made available here on the Resources area of the CMR website from Monday 7th November.

19th October 2016


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