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Evolution of Diabetes Management

Implantable continuous glucose monitors have only recently been approved for use yet they are the latest game changer in the ever changing environment of diabetes management. It is not only a key goal to improve health outcomes when designing a new product but increase the convenience to the end user. So what drives a person with diabetes to choose a particular device to manage their diabetes. What factors are most important to them?
With implantable CGM manufacturers aiming for increasing sensor life, we were interested to see the impact sensor life had on likelihood to adopt implantable CGM. Some of the CMR team believed that the shorter the sensor life, the lower willingness to adopt would be with people being put off by frequent insertion procedures and scars. Others felt that longer sensor life would put people off because having something inside your body for a longer period could be seen as a risk. We decided the best way to find out was to ask! Our overall finding was that regardless of sensor life, the appetite for implantable CGM remains high. We think this was because the sensor life is so long relative to most current CGM devices, all options outlined in our survey are attractive.

Take a look at our findings where you can see some of the reasons that people choose their sensors vs why they wouldn't change to a sensor. 


  Implantable CGM sensors
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5th November 2018


  Implantable CGM sensors
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