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Dice Medical Communications

Dice Medical Communications is an independent communications agency that works with our clients to help launch, build, and continually develop great pharmaceutical brands. We do this by creating Pharmacohesion™.

Pharmacohesion™ helps brands thrive by continually shaping and adapting the conversation with all stakeholders, in a consistent, cohesive way.

Brands nurtured with Pharmacohesion™ thrive because:

  • customers, whether they are prescribers, payors, carers or patients, know exactly what to expect from your brand in terms of how it impacts on their lives
  • your brand communication is always in tune with therapeutic sentiment which also helps to withstand competitive challenges

We create Pharmacohesion™ by bringing together insights, strategy, execution, and measurement to your brands.

  • We use our network to uncover your customers’ mindsets, generating INSIGHTS that matter
  • We integrate these insights into your plans – defining and refining STRATEGY based on our in-depth understanding of the market situation
  • We deliver impactful, strategically-aligned tactical initiatives across all channels: EXECUTION that captures your brand values in a context that is meaningful for all your customers
  • Our continued rigorous analysis helps MEASURE success and further refine customer insights, delivering ROI.

Together, it is truly transformational. Get in touch to discuss how we can create Pharmacohesion™ for your brands.

Areas of Expertise

  • Advertising (inc AV; production;)
  • Branding (inc product/brand positioning; corporate branding)
  • Conference/meetings/events (inc conference organisers; venues)
  • Creative and design
  • Digital communications (inc digital agencies; web design;)
  • Market access (inc health economics; pricing and reimbursement)
  • Market research (inc business intelligence; online surveys)
  • Marketing consultancies (Strategic planning;)
  • Medical communications (inc communications strategy;)
  • Medical education (inc publication planning;)
  • Patient support and adherence
  • Sales (inc contract sales : CRM Solutions)
  • Training (inc training consultancies; training courses; colleges)

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