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Hayward Medical Communications – communicating flexibly

Hayward Medical Communications is a talented team of highly skilled individuals with a passion for delivering innovative, award-winning solutions with our partners. We work with key healthcare stakeholders across Europe who share our desire to make a real difference to patient care and outcomes.

Helen Bengtsson, Business Director at Hayward, said, ‘Our next brand value in this press release series – and one that we embrace on a daily basis – is flexibility. We have the internal resources to be flexible, in order to control and deliver high-quality projects. We are reactive and responsive to changing customer needs, providing our clients with a complimentary skill set. We are also flexible in our communication style to suit the different audiences we engage – patients, payers, prescribers and pharmaceutical companies.’

We all communicate with others constantly, but why are some people better at making progress and being seen as credible communicators? At Hayward, we believe there are a few key principles that underlie successful communication:

  • Be flexible; adapt your style and language to suit your audience ·
  • Listen attentively and empathetically; we have two ears and one mouth for a reason
  • Engage at a personal level; people are human and we all have dreams, aspirations and goals that may have nothing to do with our professional life
  • Be clear about what you say and how you say it
  • Appear confident and credible, making sure you have the evidence to support your message
  • Look for win-win outcomes; what are the mutual benefits you can achieve with the person you are engaging with

We wanted to see how flexible we really are, so we asked our staff about the different ways they communicate and what good communication means to them.

Find out who speaks your language at Hayward. We are looking forward to hearing from you and we promise to listen attentively and empathetically.


Hayward Medical Communications is a leading UK medical communications agency established in 1991. For further information, please contact us.
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11th October 2016


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