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Hayward Medical Communications’ senior team builds on historical experience

Hayward Medical Communications has welcomed several returning members over the last couple of years...

Hayward is such a great place to work that we keep attracting returners, not just new members of staff! Three of our senior team are currently enjoying their second time around at Hayward. We asked them a few questions about Hayward and why they’ve returned:

Sarah Strachan – Sales & Marketing Director 
As Sales & Marketing Director, Sarah has overall responsibility for leading and managing the agency, ensuring we develop and deliver successful and engaging programmes, which ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

What do you like most about Hayward? 
‘The variety of work (therapy areas and clients), and the really bright and articulate people I have the pleasure of working with.’

What do you enjoy most in your role? 
‘The opportunity to interpret a complex brief, research the subject area, engage with experts and deliver an insightful solution/pitch.’   

Why did you return to Hayward? 
‘I always knew there would be an opportunity to come back to Hayward after leaving to gain more experience client-side in a larger organisation. Hayward helped me grow into my career and I wanted to return the favour and continue the introduction to, and development of, others in the field of medical communications.’ 

Helen Bengtsson – Business Director

Helen’s a business director, leading one of the client-facing teams at Hayward. She works with her Account Managers and Associates, helping them deliver the best possible service to our clients, and developing her team’s unique skills. Her role also includes a lot of business development: keeping up to date with industry news and trends in order to identify opportunities for both new projects and potential new clients.

What do you like most about Hayward?
‘The team here is really great! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and there are many intelligent and interesting people here that I can learn from, even after years working in the industry.’

What do you enjoy most in your role?
‘I really enjoy the variety my role offers – working across many different disease areas, with different communications challenges. I like that one day I can be buried in NHS information, pulling together a proposal, the next working with my team to brainstorm exciting digital offerings, and the next out with our clients, helping them to make a real difference to patient care and outcomes.’

As a current employee of Hayward, what would your advice be to new members of staff?
‘You can learn so much working here, and tailor your development around the aspects of the business that interest you. Make the most of the great people – ask lots of questions!’  

Anne-Claire Bouzanne – Managing Editor
As a Managing Editor at Hayward Medical Communications, one aspect of Anne-Claire’s role is to manage the publication of some of Hayward’s journals. Another aspect concerns the editorial quality of each journal. Anne-Claire assists junior colleagues by proofreading their journals at different stages of the production process. She also trains the editorial team on journal production processes, copy editing and house style.

What do you like most about Hayward?
“Working with a team of friendly, helpful and reliable colleagues; feeling supported and trusted.”

What do you enjoy most in your role?
‘Working independently; making decisions; overseeing a journal from start to finish; performing a wide range of tasks; having developed strong knowledge of, and contacts in, a very interesting area of medicine – palliative and end-of-life care.’  

As a current employee of Hayward, what would your advice be to new members of staff?
‘I would tell them that there’s scope to shape their role and bring something new to it, as opposed to simply performing their duties, because Hayward will appreciate their input, trust them and support them to develop their skills and competencies.’

To meet the team, and learn more about Hayward, visit our website, or contact us on 01638 723560

17th September 2015