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Hayward Medical Communications starts 26th year with new partnership at the helm

Hayward is delighted to announce that a new management structure is now in place following the start of their 2017/18 financial year in July.

Chris Trayers, Executive Director, has taken over the day-to-day direction and management of the company, following success within the group at Wisepress.

Business Directors Kirsty Haves and Paul Thomas have taken over the leadership of the med comms agency side of the business, responsible for the delivery of high-quality projects on behalf of pharma and healthcare partners.


Martin Griffiths and Emily Rutterford continue to manage the publishing programme and financial control, respectively.


Kirsty Haves commented, “This is an exciting time to be stepping up within the Hayward management team. Since joining Hayward in 2012, I’ve seen many changes both internally and also in the external environment. I’m thrilled to be working with new and existing clients, ensuring the high Hayward standard continues.”

Paul Thomas added, “It’s essential for Hayward to remain completely focused on supporting our clients within a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment and, as we move into our new financial year, I’m confident that we’re ready to do exactly that!”


If you have any questions, or would like to talk to Hayward about your project needs, contact Kirsty and Paul today.
Kirsty Haves –

Paul Thomas –

Hayward office – +44 (0) 1638 723 560

14th July 2017



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