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Hayward Medical Communications turns 25!

Join Hayward’s team at the 2016 Communiqué Awards

A party atmosphere is surrounding Hayward Medical Communications as it celebrates 25 years in the healthcare industry this June. This landmark occasion will be marked by staff throughout the summer, one of the highlights being a garden party with a 1990s themed playlist to celebrate the decade when Hayward was established.

‘Hayward has achieved much in its 25 years of existence, launching scientific journals, developing innovative healthcare solutions and responding to changes in the healthcare sector and ever-evolving communication channels’, explains Sarah Strachan, Hayward’s Sales and Marketing Manager. ‘This year, to celebrate this special anniversary, Hayward will take part in 25 events spanning from charitable races to quizzes and picnics to sport tournaments.’

The icing on the cake will be on 7th July, when Hayward attends the Communiqué Awards after being shortlisted in not just one but two categories: excellence in professional education programmes and excellence in content management.

Helen Bengtsson, Hayward’s Business Director, says: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Communiqué Awards and are really looking forward to the event. Hayward has a rich heritage of disseminating technical information and making complex ideas accessible to medical professionals, policy-makers, industry professionals and the general public. To be recognised for this is truly fantastic!”

Hayward’s team will have a table at the Communiqué Awards and would love everyone to come and celebrate this 25th anniversary with them in style. Look out for the Hayward sign and make sure you join them for a chat, a laugh and a special Hayward-branded drink!


Hayward Medical Communications is a leading UK medical communications agency established in 1991. For further information, or to speak to Sarah Strachan or Helen Bengtsson, please contact us.
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24th June 2016



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