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More jewels for Hayward’s crown

Hayward’s pool of talent has increased in breadth and depth in the past few months due to some new recruits.

Sarah Strachan, Sales and marketing Director says ‘One of the reasons Hayward has been so successful over the past 25 years is due to the type of people it employees. Our staff not only excel in their own specific area of expertise, but come to Hayward with a little bit extra, whether that’s an interesting CV and background, or being well-travelled with a lot of life experience. I like to compare Hayward’s reputation to a crown and the people who work for us are the jewels, the brighter the better!'

Hayward is Mehraj’s first job after finishing his degree in Biochemistry at King’s College London. Since joining as an account associate, he has demonstrated great enthusiasm and imagination for making a positive change in the healthcare sector and has made him a fantastic addition to Hayward’s social team! Mehraj has already become a popular member of the team, although this might have something to do with his family owning the local Indian restaurant!

Vicki was a hair stylist before she joined Hayward as a Business Administration Apprentice. She is thoroughly enjoying the transition from transforming people to transforming the office! Always friendly and helpful, Vicki is a great team player and is loving the change in her career. She is hoping to finish her level 2 diploma in business administ ration soon, then move on to level 3 and 4 before becoming a HR guru.   

Our new Business Director Paul has worked with big pharma, directly and indirectly throughout his career. As one of the nicest people in our office, Paul is perfectly placed to develop excellent relationships and understand Hayward’s clients, inside out.  

Alice is Hayward’s latest recruit and joined as an account associate. She started her career in pharma but in recent years became a yoga teacher and therapist. Hayward employees can now be found sat in the lotus position, concentrating on their breathing while working out the most innovative and versatile ways to help their clients. 

If you would like to speak to the new members of the team, please feel free to get in touch to hear about their experiences at Hayward so far and what makes them tick! They look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hayward Medical Communications is a leading UK medical communications agency established in 1991. For further information, please contact us. 
Tel: 01638 723560 

22nd March 2017



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More jewels for Hayward’s crown
Hayward’s pool of talent has increased in breadth and depth in the past few months due to some new recruits.
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