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Journal sponsorship

A complete marketing solution
Having celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2016, Hayward Medical Communications has a rich heritage in medical publishing – over the years we have developed over 30 clinical review journals across numerous therapy areas. As an Associate Member of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), Hayward has extensive experience of working with healthcare companies, producing highly effective communications targeted at healthcare professionals (HCPs), regulatory bodies and the public, among others – one such area is journal sponsorship. Read on to find out how sponsoring a journal will not only benefit your corporate reputation and relationship with HCPs but also underpin the messages in your promotional campaigns, supporting your marketing and market access objectives.

What are the objectives of sponsorship?
For a healthcare company, the objectives of sponsoring a medical journal are very straightforward:
Engage with a ready-made target audience – the readership
Build trust through association with a quality publication led by an independent specialist Editorial Board
Educate said readership and facilitate advances in patient care
Promote disease awareness and understanding
Raise company/brand/product awareness

Hayward is uniquely positioned to bring these objectives to fruition via journal sponsorship. In tandem with its publishing activities over 25 years, Hayward – unlike other medical publishers – is a highly successful medical communications agency that submits evidence on behalf of healthcare companies to health technology assessment bodies, helping healthcare companies secure market access for new products and indications. The Hayward team also develops training products for HCPs, such as e-learning programmes and workshops, advisory boards and symposia. Hayward thus has access to a huge range of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and clinical practitioners across many different therapy areas who inform the educational quality of its journals’ content. For the same reasons, Hayward can also create brand new, high-quality journals quickly and efficiently in almost any therapy area.

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  Journal sponsorship
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6th February 2017


  Journal sponsorship
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