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Lifesaving QR Code Wearable Launched to Help Emergency Services

MedTech company Mavin Informatics have just launched mi-SOS, a lifesaving QR code-based medical identity wearable across the UK

MedTech company Mavin Informatics has launched mi-SOS, a QR code-based medical identity wearable, which will help the public assist the emergency services and first responders in time-critical situations.

mi-SOS uses QR code technology which can be accessed by any smartphone camera, and without the need for a Wi-Fi connection, to give rapid access to vital medical and personal details. This information will then allow members of the public to quickly inform first responders of critical medical details, such as underlying health conditions and current medications resulting in potentially life-saving interventions.

mi-SOS has different levels of privacy for medical and personal details giving individuals full control of their information, and what is accessible to the public and medical professionals. Whilst a mi-SOS user can inform the public about underlying health conditions, a user can also update their profile with additional details such as allergies, critical care plans, COVID-19 status and insurance documents. The online medical identity has robust privacy settings and is held on a secure NHS compatible server.

Former NHS pharmacist Dr Dawn Price founded mi-SOS after a near-fatal health scare back in 2019, where she found herself alone and unconscious in her home with a slow heart rate. Dawn made a full recovery and had a pacemaker fitted, however, she would now be required to carry her health information in a paper-based pacemaker passport.

This experience inspired Dawn to develop medical identity wearables that can provide fast access to vital medical and personal information, that can be kept up to date by the wearer, or wearers family in case of an emergency.

The use of digital technology to transform health service delivery has been one of the key trends to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. At a time when wearable technology has been identified by the Health Secretary Matt Hancock as one of the key priorities for reimagining the future of the health service, medical identity wearables are set to become increasingly important.

Commenting on the launch of mi-SOS, Managing Director Dr Dawn Price said:

“My health scare back in 2019 was a real wake up call for me both personally and professionally. Using my expertise in medicines and health information systems provided to the NHS, I created mi-SOS to ensure everyone can carry their own health information with them at all times, to ensure their personal needs are responded to appropriately in an emergency.

mi-SOS gives people “peace of mind” that anyone can access their vital information they need to communicate with first responders in emergencies. We all know someone vulnerable, and people with conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, and dementia could benefit from medical interventions during those critical moments. I’m proud of our new product and passionate about the difference it can make.”

mi-SOS has officially been recognised by some of the UK’s ambulance services and the benefits will continue to be monitored over the coming months.

11th December 2020



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