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Pricing and Market Access Simulator

Reliable tool for value assessment of pipeline products


Predicting pricing scenarios for products early in development is a critical go/no-go step for companies looking to deliver innovative compounds that payers and providers will take up. The challenge for business development and licensing professionals is to fi nd promising targets, and understand where to invest in the development of the product to be able to gain the optimal price and access outcome.


Valid Insight’s pricing and market access simulator app can evaluate your product’s pricing and funding potential rapidly and effectively, and determine the focus of product development to bring optimal value at launch.

The pricing and market access simulator app offers you a unique opportunity to take early investment decisions more robustly than ever:

 Prioritise indications based on relative value across disease areas

 Plan product development strategies that will lead to optimal pricing

 Align evidence generation and product development strategies between medical, market access, HEOR, commercial and product development teams

 Optimise product positioning to create a differentiated value proposition.

The tool is based on multi-criteria decision analysis of over 10 years of decisions on reimbursement and pricing for new pharmaceutical products in Belgium, Bulgaria, Catalonia, England and Wales, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, and US.

Valid Insight’s pricing and market access simulator app uses proprietary algorithms backed up by analysis of over a decade of decisions on reimbursement and pricing for new pharmaceuticals covering the major market archetypes across Europe and the US. Input your criteria through a guided step-by-step process in our simple and easy to use interface. By running different scenarios and adjusting different factors each time, the app will help you to find the optimal strategy for different markets. The app enables strategic mapping of your products and those of your competitors on an interactive visual scale based on clinical value and willingness to pay. Importantly, the tool identifies the elements that have the most positive impact and those which require further development consideration. Valid Insight’s pricing and market access simulator app can predict pricing and reimbursement outcomes at any stage before a product is launched. However, it is most useful for predictions pre-phase III. Once a product gets closer to launch Valid Insight recommends using stakeholder research for robust price setting.

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Pricing and Market Access Simulator
Reliable tool for value assessment of pipeline products
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