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Bedrock Bites Back

Krista Lalli kicks off our inaugural BEDROCK BITES session and blows the team away

Krista Lalli, Integrated Designer, Bedrock

August saw the exciting launch of BEDROCK BITES, a brand-new programme to showcase creativity, share knowledge, encourage free-thinking and inspire Bedrockers to imagine the impossible – forming a series of unique sessions to provide a forum for best practice.

Krista Lalli, Integrated Designer, who recently joined Bedrock Group as part of our SPARK graduate development programme, kicked off the first session by sharing a selection of incredible creative and innovative projects she has been involved in.

Krista shared some of her favourite projects from University, examples of which included a portfolio of poster and social media design ideas to encourage girls to participate in boxing, an app to test whether everyday cosmetic products have been tested on animals and in particular, her design work for a campaign to reduce period poverty and end menstrual stigma.The Bedrock Group team were hugely impressed by her free-thinking and passion for a cause which deserves greater recognition within healthcare.

In addition, Krista shared a number of projects she has developed in her first weeks at Bedrock, giving the wider team an opportunity to see the work that she has already contributed to since joining us. The session concluded with “what you can go to Krista for” and sparked a team discussion around her incredible portfolio of work. Krista's creative mindset and expertise in application of digital tools builds on our existing expertise to benefit our clients.

Members of the Bedrock team shared their thoughts on Krista’s inspiring design work:

“Krista’s presentation literally blew me away”, Su Smith, Strategic Solutions Director, Origins Insights.

We are looking forward to future BEDROCK BITES sessions!

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29th August 2019



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Bedrock Bites Back
Krista Lalli kicks off our inaugural BEDROCK BITES session and blows the team away
Bedrock Group