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Bedrock’s on fire for Wellbeing Week

Bedrock creates a positive working environment to enable individuals and our business to thrive.

The Bedrock Group recently held a ‘Wellbeing Week’ – a chance for the whole company to focus on improving their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues, friends and family.

Wellbeing Week included a wide range of sessions designed to keep things fresh. For example, managers took their 1-1 meetings out of the usual meeting room and into the great outdoors to provide an environment where creativity and ideas blossom. Other activities included lunchtime power walks around the beautiful Hampshire countryside right on Bedrock’s doorstep, chiropractor health talks, fitness drop in clinics, and mindfulness sessions.

On Tuesday the team were on fire – quite literally! Bedrock held a Reiki and Relaxation workshop for their team where they were asked to write a letter detailing all the things that were causing them stress or keeping them awake at night. They then set fire to the letters and watched them burn and release as they went up in flames.

‘Be the reason someone smiles today’ saw the team share the things they admired most about their colleagues.

“Receiving an anonymous note on my desk saying, ‘one thing I admire about you is your loyalty, dedication and passion to make Bedrock the best place it can be’, certainly put a smile on my face”. Vanessa Hollis, Business Support Manager

Bedrock’s wellbeing policy supports and drives change, especially by increasing awareness and understanding of mental health, making Bedrock the place to be!

To complete the focus on wellbeing, there is nothing quite like a nice cup of tea and something sweet, so Alison Cantle, Bedrock Managing Director, baked a cake for the team, to go with their tea and biscuits, provided courtesy of Hayley Butt from The Real Therapy Room.

To find out how Bedrock Imagines, Creates and Delivers great careers for truly inspirational people, please visit Bedrock’s website.

26th November 2019



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