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Insights from non-healthcare marketing: Brand Activism – does it have a role in Pharma?

Increasingly consumers are demanding that brands be more active – that they not only stand for something, but they do something about it.

Su Smith, Strategic Solutions Director, Origins, A Bedrock Group Company

Increasingly consumers are demanding that brands be more active – that they not only stand for something, but they do something about it. Why should this be any different in healthcare? Therefore, when developing a brand, a key decision to make is: what is the purpose of our brand? However, unfortunately, too often these discussions are held early on to help the creative development process and then all but forgotten.

In the world of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Knorr are leading the way in brand activism. At Knorr, their purpose is to enrich people’s lives through flavour. Knorr’s research showed that only 12 plants and five animals make up 75% of what the whole world eats. In order to make their brand more active, they have begun to educate around this fact in order to raise awareness, and they have made a commitment to being part of the change. Knorr have identified 50 future foods that will help to make the future of food production. They are committed to growing their ingredients sustainably and inspiring others to try new ingredients through their products, recipes and tips and tricks. Brand activism is about enabling people to make the right choices easily. You need to find the right touchpoints and make it meaningful to change.

A media example of award-winning brand activism is the Polish newspaper group, Gazeta. Gazeta’s purpose is to promote and support women’s empowerment in Poland. In order to raise awareness and show their commitment, Gazeta, along with VMLY&R and Wavemaker, bought Poland’s most popular porn magazine, Twój Weekend, with the express intent of closing the publication. To coincide with International Women’s Day 2019, the final edition of Twój Weekend was released entitled ‘The Last Ever Issue’. This final issue covered critical cultural matters in the country including sexual education (there is no formal sex education in Poland), equal rights, gender representation and sexism to promote more progressive narratives of femininity. It was the title’s highest seller in a decade.

Brands with purpose are the brands of the future – Bedrock can help you to identify, activate and deliver on your brand’s purpose. Our expertise is harnessing the power of science and brand to deliver impactful, creative medical communications.

14th November 2019



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