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The story behind Chloe Mitchell

From patient safety to a rising star in the Medical Communications world

Bedrock asked Chloe Mitchell, their new Senior Account Executive, a few questions about what attracted her to the Medical Communications industry, what motivates her, and what skills she was able to transfer from her previous roles.

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What attracted you to the Medical Communications industry?

In my previous role in Patient Safety, my knowledge was product specific and I felt that Medical Communications would give me a broader exposure to different therapy areas and the pharmaceutical industry in general. I was also attracted to the idea of having a varied working day and a diverse set of tasks, as it keeps things more interesting!

What experience or skills have you transferred to your new role?

What has helped me most with being new in Medical Communications is having the experience of working at a pharmaceutical company and having worked in a client facing role. Despite each client’s objectives and projects being quite different from those I have previously worked on, having an understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and client expectations, has been very helpful.

From a practical perspective, coming from a role where identifying and reporting adverse events was a daily occurrence has proven incredibly useful, as we are working so closely with patients.

Time management is a skill applicable to most jobs and I have found that it is especially important when working on multiple projects across different clients and therapy areas. With Medical Communications being a fast paced and busy environment, this is an essential skill as I manage all responsibilities across the life span of a project.

What are the differences between your old role and this one?

My previous role in patient safety required 6–9 months of training before I was fully signed off, so to start at Bedrock and on my first day be included in a client brainstorm was a bit of a shock. Whilst there are obviously rules and regulations that Bedrock employees are expected to adhere to, you don’t have to read numerous SOPs before you can get stuck into the job.

Saying that, as someone that is used to being able to refer to a set of instructions for any task, not having one can at times feel a little unnerving. I think the biggest difference and what attracted me to working in this industry was the opportunity to work creatively across a range of projects. Since joining Bedrock, I have been given responsibilities that have allowed me to adapt and shape my own working practice. A massive advantage is that you get to work with people that have a diverse range of backgrounds and therefore such varied experience. I have found this has been a really useful resource as a new employee as I have been able to draw from their knowledge and experience and incorporate it into my own learning.

What career highlights are you most proud of?

When I decided that I wanted to move into the pharmaceutical industry I knew that I would have to further my medical knowledge (as my degree wasn’t scientific) so I decided the best route would be to take a course with the Open University about drug development. During this time, I was juggling work commitments whilst also studying for my course during my spare time. I found this particularly challenging, but I am proud of having the motivation to complete this independently (whilst also organising my friend’s hen do!).

What’s the best thing about working at Bedrock?

Definitely the people! From my first day starting at Bedrock I was made to feel that my contribution and opinions were valued. This kind of activity, whether it be just speaking up at meetings or contributing to pitches, is encouraged. Everyone’s commitment to both clients, and to Bedrock, is also apparent and it really shines through in the work we produce. I’ve found I’ve learnt so much from all the people I’ve been working with, especially since my team includes a range of roles and backgrounds. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

What gets you up in the morning?

Each day, I like to feel as though I have accomplished something, even if it is something minor like going for a run or checking something off my to-do list at work. I wake up most mornings with an idea of the challenges and tasks for the day both work-related and personal. I try to focus on these and motivate myself to get things checked off and completed. This always gives me a sense of accomplishment and gives me a mood boost!

What advice would you give anyone joining the Medical Communications world?

Each day at work will be different, you’ll get varied experience in multiple projects across different therapeutic areas and you should be prepared for a fast-paced environment. As a new starter it can be challenging keeping up with the pace, being adaptable makes it easier to manage constantly evolving projects. Learn from those around you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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2nd April 2019



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