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This isn't goodbye, it's see you in August!

Bedrock Group imagines, creates and delivers industry-leading benefits

This week we say thank you to Su Smith, Strategic Solutions Director at Origins Insights, a Bedrock Group Company, who is about to embark on a 6-month sabbatical.

At Bedrock Group, we wanted to ensure our benefits package was attractive to new and existing team members and took the bold decision to start with a blank sheet of paper. At our company meeting in October 2017, we asked the team to imagine what would really make a difference to them personally, and were prepared to listen and act on the answers that came back. Following a very frank brainstorming session involving every member of the team, we were surprised that the benefit most people wanted was time. Time to refresh. Time to spend with family. Time to pursue personal development and goals.

In response to the team’s feedback, Bedrock Group imagined, created and delivered an industry-leading benefits package, which team members like Su are benefiting from today. Not only does it offer the traditional benefits we expect from an award-winning agency, but we included exciting additional benefits for lifestyle, culture and most importantly – time.

Employees at Bedrock Group are offered an unpaid 3-month sabbatical at 3 years, and another 3-month sabbatical at 5 years, part of which is paid.

We strongly believe that allowing people time away promotes well-being, decreases stress, and provides opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills. A win-win for both our dedicated team members and our business.

Su said “I am so grateful to work for an employer that would actively encourage people to take sabbaticals, understanding that it not only benefits the employee but also the company in the long run. I am even more grateful of how supportive my managers, team and lovely clients have been. I can’t wait to see how much Bedrock and Origins will have evolved in six months.”

To find out how Bedrock Imagines, Creates and Delivers great careers for truly inspirational people, please visit Bedrock’s website.

12th February 2020



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This isn't goodbye, it's see you in August!
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