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Brandcast Health shortlisted for Communiqué Award 2016

In partnership with Andrew Schorr, patient opinion leader and two-time cancer survivor, Brandcast Health developed online patient empowerment channel, The online digital resource designed specifically for patient education has been shortlisted for Excellence in Digital Communications (prescription products/patient health) at the 2016 Communiqué Awards.

The Excellence in Digital Communications – prescription products/patient health category commends innovative, well-designed and credible healthcare education or information programmes, delivered via an offline or online digital channel or channels to creatively and effectively communicate its message.

On news of the shortlist, Charlie Grieve, CEO commented:“Patients want a 360-degree view of their condition, so that they can get the best care for themselves. They want news, perspective, context, with all information up-to-date and credible. It takes time to develop trust and build patient-centric relationships and Pharma alone cannot deliver everything that patients want; they need to partner in order to deliver a sustained effort to educate, support and empower communities. Patient Power, addresses this unmet need for patients in finding reliable, trustworthy information online and provides a platform for partnership to enable Industry to act on their patient values. We are delighted that Patient Power Europe be recognised by clients and peers as a standout digital patient education initiative that has really delivered on all its objectives.”

For further information about Brandcast Health or Patient Power Europe, please contact Stephen Dunn or Charlie Grieve on +44(0)20 7291 5070.

29th June 2016


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