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Why and how doctors should be involved in startups

Hiba Saleem of Doctorpreneurs, tells us about why and how we should be involving doctors in startups. When looking to involve doctors and medical students in startups, it is important to know what type and level of involvement they are looking for and what kind of capacity is available. Establishing ways for approaching clinicians is also useful. Hiba mentions how there is a large community of medical students who are very interested in startups and innovative; further they can provide useful clinical insight that can benefit a startup. Hiba also mentions how in the current system, it is a challenge for doctors to have a dual role: practising as a clinician as well as pursuing a career in innovating. Doctorpreneurs acts as a platform with a mission to make the world of innovation more accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs. They act as a support system and a community for advice to connect and accelerate those who are interested, along with reaching out to a range of healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals alike.

17th November 2016



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