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How to get management buy-in for content marketing

Pharma content marketing is still fairly new in the scheme of things for the pharma industry. In the conservative and traditional pharma industry that’s fraught with regulations, getting management buy-in to adopt it can be challenging.

However for the need of providing a service, providing content can act as an effective outreach programme. So you’re going to need all the ammunition at your disposal if you want to get a percentage of your budget allocated for the development of content. Here are the 4 primary reasons why pharma needs to embrace the new content marketing landscape without delay:

It’s taking over from traditional marketingFor the faint of heart, here’s a caveat: it doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Your top management team doesn’t have to envisage giving up traditional marketing overnight. You can use a phased-in approach to shift the focus from pushing information at customers to finding ways to let them know what you have available so they come looking for it.There’s little point in flogging a dead (and expensive!) horse, however, and sooner or later management will realise it. The trick is to give them something they’re comfortable with to focus on when they do, so they have somewhere to shift to. 

Provides information “Just in Time”You’ve heard of just-in-time production, correct? Well, content is just-in-time marketing. By creating information for every stage in the customer’s buying cycle, you can ensure that whatever your prospect comes looking for is available for him to find. No more guessing or having to quiz the prospect about where he’s at or what he’s looking for; it’s all there for him to choose from. This is the difference between sales and service; which do you think your client is going to choose?

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2nd May 2016



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