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We’re a multi award-winning healthcare communications agency specialising in joint working and partnerships. We’re dedicated to keeping patients at the heart of everything we do, transforming healthcare through effective collaboration and making work that everyone involved can feel really proud of.

Collaboration leads to better outcomes, and we’ve experienced this time and again, as professionals and as patients too. That’s why we focus on bringing good people together, creating open, honest and productive partnerships and delivering award-winning results that succeed for everyone involved.

Areas of Expertise

An advisory board is a great way to find out what your clients and stakeholders really need. Our approach builds on our coaching and facilitation experience and our conviction that solutions reached through collaboration and co-production are more effective. Our most successful advisory boards for pharma clients have been interactive and engaging, so as to stimulate creative responses from delegates, resulting in robust commercial and patient-focused outcomes. Of course, if you’d prefer us to run a traditional advisory board for you, that’s fine too.

Joint working allows NHS and industry to collaborate on patient-centred projects with a shared commitment to success.NHS and pharma resources are finite, but both sectors have the common goal of improving patient outcomes. Joint working is an ideal way to harness the energy, resources, expertise and goodwill of all parties and focus it on making things better for patients. We’ve delivered a number of successful joint working projects using the ABPI and Department of Health framework, and we’re always happy to share what we’ve learned.

End to end delivery from strategy to effective outputs. A client once described the Dovetail approach as “you do what other medical communications agencies do but you do it properly, by involving all the stakeholders.” We think our approach to conferences and symposia is a good example of this principle, because we’ll always start with joined-up thinking to ensure we’re all clear about the place where all the participants’ goals naturally overlap.

One of ICA International’s Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation techniques, consensus workshops enable a group to develop creative solutions together, drawing on each person’s knowledge and wisdom and leading to a clear and practical action plan. We’ve used it time and again to identify common goals as the starting point for effective collaboration, as a means to move a project forward or to help teams focus on their aims and next steps.

A brilliant way of consolidating and communicating current thinking. The consensus document is a perfect example of our core principles of supporting stakeholders working in healthcare to work together to make things better for patients. The process can involve a consensus workshop or advisory board as a starting point.  A great opportunity for joint working and involving a broad range of stakeholder views, the consensus document is an impactful means of consolidating best practice current opinion in a therapy area, or as a call to action for service development.

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We’re absolutely delighted to announce that our 2016 IBD Registry Roadshow has won the Communiqué Award for Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships.  

If Dovetail's purpose is to transform healthcare through effective collaboration, this is a perfect example: a knotty problem, a clear plan, good people coming together to solve it, smart goals, incredible commitment and enthusiasm from all the stakeholders involved, hard work and a successful outcome that benefits clinical teams and patients. A piece of work everyone involved can feel really proud of.

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