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Big wins for Frontera at the 2016 PM Awards

Frontera was the most awarded independent agency at the PM Society Awards 2016, taking home three golds, two silvers and one bronze.  

Two golds:

Caphosol secondary care campaign and the associated sales aid, developed for EUSA Pharma. The materials have been designed around real patient stories to convey the devastation of oral mucositis (a highly common complication of cancer therapy) and, ultimately, drive healthcare professionals to prioritise and treat all at-risk patients.  

A further gold:
‘Breathing is everything’ is an interactive video developed for Boehringer Ingelheim. This provides healthcare professionals with a life-action experience of what COPD patients go through on a daily basis.  

Two silvers:

Caphosol advertisement campaign for EUSA Pharma and Galderma My Skin Journal app for Galderma UK.  

One bronze:

Caphosol secondary care advertisement for EUSA Pharma.

8th February 2017