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Frontera Group expands its offering with the launch of Stikke, a new business created specifically to focus on the value mobile health can bring to patients.

Aligned to the Frontera Group positioning “We Speak Patient”, Stikke works alongside patients, professionals and pharma to deliver mHealth solutions that will impact patient lives and improve outcomes. 

Stikke’s core aim is to capitalise on the potential of mobile to support patient behaviour, be that from a device-led management perspective or improving on mobile as a supportive tool within patient support programmes. Frontera Group already has a rich heritage here, in areas ranging from chronic disease to habit cessation. 

“As a group, we’ve always believed that the most powerful tool a patient has is in their pocket,” says Managing Director Craig Mills, “and as our mission is to better understand and capture the patient experience for our clients, mobile health seemed like an obvious direction for us to go in – and ultimately it’s proved a perfect fit.” 

Having begun his career as a developer, Stuart Banks has overseen digital at Frontera London for four years. As such, he has a valuable perspective to bring to healthcare as Director of Stikke. 

“I see reports and stats all the time which highlight the massive potential of mHealth, but the reality is that pharma may not be investing effort where it needs to,” says Banks. “The majority of apps on the market are failing to engage – and this may sound odd – but it’s because their design doesn’t factor in the most important person in the room, the patient.” 

“It’s clear to us that real change and innovation in healthcare will be driven by patients,” says Mills, “and Stikke is here to provide a fresh perspective to pharma in that regard.

By immersing our clients in the world of the patient, we not only build better strategies, but also ensure those strategies yield better outcomes.” 

As well as Stikke, Frontera Group is composed of two additional businesses: Redline Strategic, which leads the way in insight and research, and Frontera London, 2017’s most awarded European independent creative agency. Together, they ensure clients are fully immersed in the world of the patient.   


Craig Mills 

Stuart Banks

Stikke Ltd
St John’s House, 54 St John’s Square, London EC1V 4JL
+44(0) 20 7780 7460 

1st May 2018



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Frontera Group

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St. John’s House
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