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Our purpose is simple: speed up access to better healthcare solutions for patients.  And for this, we embark on a three-part journey we call ‘Accelerated Change’:

We decode
how patients and their healthcare professionals interact, to understand why they do what they do.

We design
bespoke solutions using our insights to achieve maximal impact.

We deploy
the solutions, optimising how the story is told and which channels are used to drive the desired shift in behaviour.

Chapter 1: Decode   Our work is based on insight – we believe that, in order to achieve the change we want, we have to understand why people (be they patients or physicians) behave the way they do. And to do this, we first capture their thoughts and motivations through a variety of means, and then analyse them.   Capture We work together with the people we wish to influence, using a tool called SWARM. For each project, we design a simple series of tasks and questions, which our target group responds via mobile, either through video, audio or text. The power of mobile allows us to gain real-world insights into the experiences of patients and/or healthcare professionals and better understand what motivates their behaviour.   We also use SPOTLIGHT to dig through social channels and gather information on what patients really think. By formulating hypotheses relating to the desired behaviour change and narrowing down the context, we can focus on capturing the right conversations.   Analysis Our capture tools give us a large amount of data, but to really be useful and inform our thinking they need to be analysed and interpreted. Our approach is deeply rooted in behavioural change theory. This helps us identify the best interventions and the best ways to implement them to achieve the accelerated change in behaviour that we seek.  

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21st November 2016



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