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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Collaboration is at the heart of successful patient engagement and effective healthcare provision. But in such a complex, nuanced network, true collaborations are rare. So how can we, as an industry, overcome this?

The final chapter of our report into improving collaboration in healthcare is out now and ready for you to download.

Over the past year, we have written extensively on the importance of collaboration to ensure we have a health system that is fit for purpose. This third and final chapter of our report discusses what we have found to be fundamental to effective collaboration and the potential for industry to achieve effective collaboration in the Age of Enlighted of Self-Interest.

Enlightened self-interest is a philosophy described as ‘doing well by doing good’. Many of the issues in healthcare are not black and white; they are many shades of grey. As a result, things are never likely to be perfect. However, as the old saying goes, we must make sure we do not let ‘perfect be the enemy of good’. By focusing on our shared values and bringing different stakeholders to the table to work together, we can think more broadly and use the principles of Enlightened Self-Interest to drive forward healthcare.

There is enormous potential for industry to work with a broader set of stakeholders to contribute a considerable amount to society, while also providing a net benefit to themselves. As we discuss in this piece, we know there is strong evidence regarding the social determinants of health. So could we be in position for the pharmaceutical industry to help address this? For example, could funding improved housing and school meals for underprivileged families could reduce non-communicable diseases and their burden on the NHS, enabling us to spend more on newer, advanced therapies for unpreventable conditions?

Public and private organisations are often seen as uncomfortable bedfellows. There are good ideas and good people on all sides, and as we enter one of the most unpredictable political eras in history, we must utilise each other strengths, and meet in the middle, to make sure we live the healthiest and happiest lives we can.

In the spirit of collaboration, we sought opinions from different sectors to contribute to this report and spending time with people with diverse expertise reinforced just how vital collaboration is. We thank them for their valuable contributions.

This marks the beginning of our work in collaboration, and if you would like to discuss it more. Please do get in touch.


  Aurora Collaboration White Paper
PDF File: 591.6 KB

18th September 2020


  Aurora Collaboration White Paper
PDF File: 591.6 KB


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