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When it’s OK to not be OK: Bedrock breaks down mental health stigma

As part of Bedrock’s Wellbeing Programme, Bedrock paired up with Simpila to talk about mental health challenges and open up about the pressures we all face, both in and out of the workplace

The importance of mental health is difficult to overstate, nearly half of adults in England believe they have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their lives, and around 15% of people in employment are struggling with at least one common mental health problem.[1] Last year work-related stress accounted for 57% of workplace absences in the UK, overtaking musculoskeletal injury for the first time.[2]

As part of Bedrock’s Wellbeing Programme, the company took part in a workshop led by Sue Rosemond of Simpila, learning about the things that put pressure on our mental wellbeing. Over the course of the session, the Bedrock team opened up about the causes of stress and anxiety in our personal and professional lives, discussing the things that challenge us and cause us stress, and the healthy and unhealthy ways we try to cope with these pressures.

Opening up like that took bravery, everyone felt more than a little vulnerable about shedding their professional armour – but by the end of the session we understood each other better and  had time to reflect on our own challenges and behaviours.

I think the workshop really showed how importantly Bedrock takes Mental Health. It’s important that we all help push to break down the stigma of stress, anxiety and other mental health troubles – talking about things is the only healthy way forward!

Meg Morgan, Strategic Solutions Director, Bedrock Healthcare Communications

We know that things that affect us mentally also affect us physically, and the reverse is inevitably also true. Health is therefore as much about our emotional and psychological welfare as our physical wellbeing. Society is slowly breaking down the historic stigma around mental health, and Bedrock strives to stay ahead of the curve on this, but it requires a conscious effort to maintain that progressive position. This workshop really helped us to come together not only as a company, but also as a diverse family, to recognise the invisible challenges our colleagues face, and think about how we can better support one another.

As a company, we’ve long recognised that our people are the real bedrock of Bedrock, and we’re passionate about helping them to live healthier and happier lives. Only by giving each other the freedom to be ourselves, to share our burdens and open up about our challenges can we be truly at our best.

David Youds, CEO Bedrock Group

As part of our commitment to our staff, all Bedrockers have access to an Employee Access Programme, which offers confidential advice and support on a range of common challenges, including mental health pressures, and financial and medical information.

The meeting was a testament to the way Bedrock works, and shows that mental health is something we really take seriously. Helping each other to be brave and speak up when things aren’t OK is an important part of our culture, and one of the things that makes us unstoppable.

Vanessa Hollis, Business Support Manager, Bedrock Group

Learn more about Bedrock, and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Bedrocker.


[1] Fundamental Facts About Mental Health 2016. [Accessed May 2019]

[2]         Wilson J. Work-related stress and mental illness now accounts for over half of work absences. The Telegraph. November 2018. [Accessed May 2019]

18th September 2019



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