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Fendix is the only NHS digital media network and it provides organisations, such as pharma, with unrivalled digital access to healthcare professionals and other NHS staff across multi-disciplinary teams. The Fendix network achieves this by enabling companies to disseminate professionally relevant information to defined groups of NHS staff via their own intranets.

NHS intranets are a highly trusted source of information for NHS staff and are used multiple times a day, with visits usually lasting between six and nine minutes. They provide a critical, digital gateway into everything that an NHS trust staff member needs, from booking patients on to specific care pathways and accessing medical test results to keeping abreast of best practice and hospital policies.

NHS staff intranets provide the perfect platform for innovative, commercial, engagement packages. These range from the dissemination of professionally relevant information including clinical data and product guidelines, to educational material such as eCME, case studies and conference highlights.

These kinds of innovative, intranet programmes can provide critical digital touchpoints in a multi-channel communications strategy, where they have been proven to drive traffic, with clients reporting improved sales and above average engagement metrics for their content.

The Fendix network’s unique, secure and compliant channel currently has 71 long-term contracts with NHS trusts in the UK, covering more than 300 hospitals and 450,000 healthcare professionals. Staff can be targeted via 80 NHS job functions that can be broken down into seniority, speciality and region.

The Fendix network also reaches around five million patients and enables organisations to place content on NHS public facing websites. This means a pharma company can make relevant, supporting and non-promotional patient information available on those NHS websites, and signpost its availability to the prescribing clinicians, via the corresponding staff intranets.  This, in turn, enables clinicians to flag the information to patients at the point of dispense; thus providing a very joined up and tailored experience.

All NHS trusts that belong to the Fendix network benefit from the revenue stream generated from the content programmes. The proceeds have been used to improve care pathways, run safety programmes, host staff awards ceremonies and even save positions at risk of redundancy.

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