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2017: Medical education that improves value and outcomes for patients

In December’s Issue of PME, two of Lucid’s senior management team – Shula Sarner and Tanya Goodyear – consider how medical education will evolve in 2017.  

They discuss industry trends, such as the continuing search for value in healthcare, and the importance of defining patient-centric care when delivering value, quality and outcomes.

They also reveal how Lucid aims to evolve the way it measures the impact of its behaviour-change process, Advance Outcomes®. By building on the existing evidence-base, Lucid will develop new approaches to capturing metrics on value and outcomes for patients.  

Both Shula and Tanya agreed that it was Lucid’s unique vision and approach to medical education that attracted them to join the organisation in the first place, and they are looking forward to making a difference in 2017.
You can read the full article here

12th December 2016