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A summer meeting full of magical moments

In their day-to-day, everybody at Lucid Group strives to develop outstanding medical education programmes to improve patient outcomes. Over the summer, however, they like to take some time to turn an eye to the future, with the aim of building a better business for employees and clients alike. Last week, the UK team came together at the Lucid head offices in Buckinghamshire for their annual summer meeting. The day started off with the presentation of the prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade, which the company won back in April. Throughout the day, employees took the time to get to know each other better and to improve their ways of working together in order to build a more close-knit business. In three well-organised workshops, everybody brainstormed how Lucid could support charities in the future, what values drive them to get up in the morning and how cross-site working can be improved.

“It is so great to see everyone here together today”, comments Dennis O’Brien (co-founder and CEO of Lucid Group). “We know that everybody at Lucid works incredibly hard to create our excellent programmes. At our annual summer meeting, we encourage everybody to unplug and to focus exclusively on what we want to achieve in the future and how we can continue to supply the magic for our clients.”

20th July 2017