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A view from within #LucidLife

As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, Joanne shares her #LucidLife journey

I took up residence at Lucid Towers in May 2008, having been attracted to the company for two main reasons. Firstly, the visionaries that are Jan and Dennis with their perpetual energy, enthusiasm and unique perspectives on medical education provision. Secondly, the opportunity to be part of something very small that was clearly going to grow into something very big!

The advent of a significant birthday is an opportunity for reflection, and so I’ve been considering the journey that Lucid and I have been on. Lucid has always adopted a unique approach to medical education. From the early days we ensured that the medical experts were positioned at the heart of programmes, with a clear focus on building the relationships between these HCPs and our clients over time, in contrast to the then common industry ‘transactional’ model. As Lucid’s client and therapy base has expanded and its reach extended from national to global, so too has its ambition grown. No longer is it acceptable to develop programmes that purely raise awareness and deliver messages to HCPs. The bar we now set ourselves is to drive real and enduring change in HCP behaviour to change patients’ lives: our Advanced Outcomes approach.

Another significant change has been the development of our digital capability in recent years. This has been instrumental in helping Lucid change clinical behaviour by identifying target audiences, driving effective and impactful delivery, and measuring outcomes with both HCPs and patients. It’s never been digital innovation for innovation’s sake, but always where we’re clear that digital intervention will enhance the impact of our programmes on clinical practice, and ultimately patient outcomes.

And what of my personal journey over the years? While I had no idea how long I would be with Lucid when I joined, I didn’t expect to still be here nine years later! I feel as committed to Lucid now as I did back in 2008 because I’m truly proud to be part of an organisation that has led the way in changing HCP behaviours and improving patient outcomes. I’ve been very fortunate to have collaborated with amazing clients and inspirational medical experts throughout this time, and in so doing have helped to change the lives of numerous people who live with IBD. I’ve also benefited from the investment and belief that Lucid has in me. Over the last year, I have been able to pursue my passion for the legal world by taking on a role where I can provide legal counsel and work towards attaining my postgraduate Masters degree in law.

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13th February 2017


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